Inspired by Faith Photos


Virgilio Amaya is a village leader in El Tule.  He became transformed

in his thinking about the future as a result of his working with Roy Lara. 


At the urging of Santos Alaya, the community of Agua Zarca has pledged to spend time taking care of the nearby water hole which has provided water for generations.

Santos Alaya is from Agua Zarca, a new community in our program.  She has been the guardian for generations of a spring nearby which provided water for the community in times of need.  Her faith is evident and powerful. 





Some proposal during the conversation greatly amused Bonifacio Amaya. He is father of Bonifacio, one of the boys from El Tule who is attending Pompelio Ortega agriculture school. Bonifacio Junior is getting high marks and receiving awards for his achievements.

Bonifacio Amaya, from El Tule, has been a faithful friend and

promoter of the program. His vision includes caring for and 

respecting the environment. 



Candida Murillo

Dona Candida is from La Majada.  She inspires others

by what she has done.  She teaches others how to use native

herbs in their cooking. 

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